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Top of Japanese subsidiaries / representative office will be able to understand the local accounting tax in Japanese.

I. Daily support for Accounting & Tax


You can easily ask questions and consult the problems that occur daily in accounting tax field. We will accept questions and consultations in E-MAIL. We don’t set any upper limit of consulting cases.

Monthly accounting service

It is a service to prepare monthly financial statements. We prepare monthly financial statements based on accounting transactions provided by customers.

Monthly review of financial statement

We will review the third party's opinion, including whether the financial statements are prepared in accordance with the accounting standard of Indonesia or whether new revisions are reflected, and report the results monthly. 

Report for Consolidation

In some cases, it may be necessary to coordinate the intercompany transactions of group consolidated data and to rearrange them complicatedly among subjects.

Support Accounting audit

In the accounting audit, it is very difficult to understand explanation by Auditor, and it tends to accept suggestion as it is said by the accountant without being aware of it well. However, it is not necessarily advantageous to the company even if an accountant says it should be changed.
We support interaction between customers and accounting auditors, and firmly convey customer's argument.

Shorten monthly closing

Due to the disclosure of information to investors and quick decision making by top management, speedup is required in the monthly closing.
If your company has problem in speed-up of monthly closing, why don’t you contact us?

Monthly tax service

It is a service that performs tax return of withholding tax and VAT every month. We receive information on purchase, sales, expenses, investment activities from customers, we will report and submit withholding tax / value added tax generated in each transaction.

Annual corporate income tax return

We will prepare a tax return for annual income and income tax of the local corporation and submit it. Staff is not getting used to it easily because just once a year, it is a heavy job to do by own.

Annual personal income tax return

In Indonesia, even if it is a foreigner, once he get a taxpayer number (NPWP), annual income tax return becomes obligatory, the subject of the “income” is not limited to Indonesian domestic income, it is whole world income.
Income information of expatriates should be highly confidential information that we do not want to handle within the company when we consider the disparity with local employees.

Tax investigation support

When notification of tax investigation arrives, it is most important that respond timely so that your company does not suffer a disadvantage due to expiration and respond timely to what corresponds to documents etc.
For the suggestion by investigator, it is necessary to assert the points we should assert.
We have a lot of experience in dealing with tax investigation of many client companies.
Our skilled staff will support your company in tax investigation from preparation till finish.

II. Other Consultation

In addition to the above main outsourcing commitments, we accept any consultation in the field of accounting taxation.
We are located in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, but our customers are not limited to Java Island, we have customer in Bali and Sumatra island also.
We will respond even in remote areas. Please feel free to contact us.
onitsuka management consulting