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  • We want to outsource Accounting and tax process.
  • How can we reduce the labor cost of indirect department?
  • We will newly establish a company / representative office in Indonesia, how to do indirect work until recruitment of staff after establishment.
  • Accounting books are not correct, and we cannot monthly closing for long time.
  • We are worried that the current Accounting and Tax process is correct in accordance with regulations.
  • We are in trouble because the accounting staff is going to retire suddenly.
  • When position of Annual tax return is refund, I heard that a large amount of additional taxation will be imposed by the tax examination.
  • We will get a tax investigation for the first time, but I do not know how to respond.
  • We seem to have to prepare a Transfer pricing document, but we have not done anything yet.

We think that the troubles as described above are the troubles many companies have.
Though there are many Accounting and Tax consultants in Indonesia, please consult us that are familiar with Indonesian circumstances. We will support you with our sincere sincerity and with advantage of many years of experience in Indonesia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for quotation request to the Accounting Tax service, an interview request on the Indonesian taxation and accounting circumstances, an interview request at Jakarta visit, etc. with this format.